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最新精品香蕉在线-Industry Solutions That Simplify Supply Chains

DHL Express offers a number of Industry Solutions that leverage the capabilities of its network to support customers who demand innovative and competitive supply chain networks.


  • DHL Article

    4438x17全国最大成-What is DHL EXPRESS BREAKBULK?

    DHL EXPRESS BREAKBULK provides door-to-door delivery of shipments that are consolidated at origin, sent from one customs zone to another, then deconsolidated by DHL at destination before delivery to different addresses within the same country or customs union. The consolidated shipment is cleared as a single entry on arrival at the destination facility.

    啪啪福利视频在线看- DHL MEDICAL EXPRESS

          1. DHL Article

            北麻条妃 中文-What is DHL MEDICAL EXPRESS?

              DHL MEDICAL EXPRESS manages the transportation of time and temperature sensitive shipments for the Life Science industry. The solution comprises the outbound shipping of investigational medicines and clinical supplies to clinics and hospitals, through to the inbound return shipping of patient specimens to laboratories and research organizations.

              北麻条妃 中文- DHL COLLECT & RETURN

            1. 北麻条妃 中文-What is DHL COLLECT & RETURN?

              DHL COLLECT & RETURN provides an integrated solution for managing the forward and reverse flows that are common to after-sales programs within the High Tech industry. DHL collects high value goods that require repair, deliver these to a nominated repair vendor and when ready, DHL returns the goods to the end user.

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