北麻条妃 中文-As the world’s leading logistics company, it’s our mission to connect people, improving their lives. And because of our size and our importance for global trade, we have a special responsibility. To our employees, society and the environment.

  • 啪啪福利视频在线看-That’s why, as part of our Strategy 2020, corporate responsibility plays a key role in our overall business strategy. We call this “Living Responsibility”. It’s our approach to creating economic, social and environmental value for our stakeholders and the planet. And it drives us towards our goal of becoming a benchmark for responsible business practices. Our commitment to this vision is reflected in three key pillars below.



    4438x17全国最大成-Climate-neutral shipments transported


    亚州性夜夜射-Efficiency-enhancing technologies in our road fleet

  • 62%

    最新精品香蕉在线-Electricity from renewable energy sources

    啪啪福利视频在线看-Our Responsibility Efforts

    4438x17全国最大成-We’re committed to our corporate citizenship activities, responsible business practices and our shared value proposition. That’s why we introduced our environmental protection program, GoGreen. And our efforts don’t stop there.

    最新精品香蕉在线-Thanks to our global reach and presence in almost every country, we’re in a unique position to help with societal needs. As part of our GoTeach program, we cooperate with leading international organizations to improve the education of children and young people. And with GoHelp, we support the UN’s disaster management efforts with comprehensive prevention measures. We help get airports ready for natural disasters with our GARD program, and we offer quick and efficient logistics support in the event of a disaster.

  • 北麻条妃 中文-GoGreen

        北麻条妃 中文-With our GoGreen program, it’s our goal to lead the way into a greener, more sustainable future.


      • 4438x17全国最大成-With GoHelp, we provide the United Nations with skilled and efficient disaster management support.


                                                                                        啪啪福利视频在线看-Together with established partners we aim to improve the education and future opportunities of young people.

                                                                                        Dr. Frank Appel, CEO Deutsche Post DHL Group

                                                                                        最新精品香蕉在线-Mission 2050

                                                                                        By the year 2050 we want to reduce all logistics-related emissions to zero – a highly ambitious goal. For this purpose we have set four interim goals to be achieved by the year 2025.

                                                                                        啪啪福利视频在线看-The GoGreen Program

                                                                                        北麻条妃 中文-We are committed to minimizing not only our impact on the environment, but yours as well. As green logistics experts, we work to prevent pollution in all of our activities worldwide and help you find ways to operate a greener and more sustainable business. Discover how we run an environmentally sustainable and efficient logistics network and why our GoGreen solutions are both good for the environment and for business.

                                                                                        4438x17全国最大成-The DHL Carbon Calculator

                                                                                        The carbon footprint is an important indicator of our impact on the environment. Simply use our carbon calculator tool to calculate your own transport-related emissions. It is completely free of charge, and quickly shows you the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions produced by your shipments.

                                                                                        啪啪福利视频在线看-Our Carbon Footprint

                                                                                        亚州性夜夜射-Foundations of Our Engagement

                                                                                        北麻条妃 中文-Responsible Business Practice

                                                                                        最新精品香蕉在线-Following our goal to become a benchmark for responsible business practice, we ensure that our business operates in accordance with applicable laws, ethical standards and international guidelines.

                                                                                        Corporate Citizenship

                                                                                      • 最新精品香蕉在线-The goal of our corporate citizenship program is to make a positive contribution to society and the environment – based on our company’s core skills and our employees’ expertise.

                                                                                        最新精品香蕉在线-Shared Value

                                                                                            北麻条妃 中文-The Shared Value proposition drives all our efforts to contribute to society and the environment, while at the same time contributing to the success of our business.

                                                                                                            4438x17全国最大成-Corporate Citizenship: Global Volunteer Day

                                                                                                            最新精品香蕉在线-With our Global Volunteer Day, we encourage employees to devote time and effort to create a positive impact in their communities. In 2015, more than 110,000 DPDHL employees rolled up their sleeves and volunteered over 260,000 hours of their time.

                                                                                                            啪啪福利视频在线看-Responsible Business Practice: Occupational Health & Safety

                                                                                                            最新精品香蕉在线-We place the highest value on the protection and safety of our employees. That’s why we introduced a new strategy called “Health, Safety & Well-being”. Because any work accident is one too many.

                                                                                                            北麻条妃 中文-Shared Value Bonn - a Model for Carbon-Free Delivery

                                                                                                            亚州性夜夜射-We’re switching to electric delivery vehicles in Bonn and the surrounding regions. With 141 carbon-free vehicles, we’re planning to reduce CO2 emissions by 500 tons per year.

                                                                                                            4438x17全国最大成-Contact Us

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